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The customer service team were about to able my frank questions about my pan card.

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How to apply for Pan Card

Indian Citizen as NRI and Foreign Citizens with OCI / PIO or valid visa are eligible to apply for Pan Card from India. To apply for Pan Card all you need is to fill the online application, pay via PayPal, sign the form and post the documents.

My Pan Card Online Customer Service helps you to overcome the difficulties you face when filling the form and dealing with paperwork.

Pan Card for NRI

Indian Citizens as NRI can apply for the Pan Card with passport copy and proof of address. No attestation required.

Use the Form 49A (Indian Citizen) to apply for Pan Card.

Pan Card for OCI

Foreign citizens can apply for the Pan Card in faster time and minimum documents. Pan Card allows foreign citizens holding OCI / PIO / Visa to buy/sell properties, conduct financial transactions, etc.

Use the Form 49AA (Foreign Citizen) to apply for Pan Card, with Passport or OCI / PIO / Visa copy. No attestation required.

Pan Card Fees

Applicants make one-time payment during the online application. Fee for Pan Card already includes government charges, consultation fees, and also international delivery of Pan Card to all countries.

The Pan Card fee changes when selecting the delivery address (Indian or Foreign address). You can check the Pan Card fees here.

Pan Card Processing

After the submission and receival of physical documents. Tax officials begin their processing. The processing time is the following:

  • 7 to 10 days for e-Pan Card (received on the email provided)
  • 3 to 4 weeks for Physical Pan Card

Proof of Documents Required & Photo

Only photocopies are required for supporting documents along with Pan Card Application - Do not submit original documents.


1. ID and Birth Proof: Copy of Indian Passport

2. Address Proof (choose one):

  • For delivery to Overseas Address (choose one): Copy of Utility bill OR Driver’s license OR Bank a/c statement
  • For delivery to Indian Address:
    - Copy of Indian passport (address page) OR Driver’s license OR Bank a/c statement
    - Copy for Aadhaar

For Foreign Citizen

1. ID and Birth Proof (choose one): Copy of OCI OR PIO OR Copy of Foreign Passport

2. Address Proof (choose one): Copy of Foreign Passport OR OCI card OR Bank a/c statement.

Photo Requirements

Applicants are required to paste two photographs on the Pan Card Application Form. Background color can be white or light blue. Photo sizes must be:

3,5cm x 2,5cm

Don’t use normal printer paper to print the photos. It is advised to get the photo from a local photo studio or center. Photo must be printed on proper photo paper.

Track Your Pan Card Status

The applicant will receive an acknowledgment number after submission of PAN application document.
Use this number to track the Pan Card status online directly with Pan Officials.
You can track your application status here